Bedroom Renovation

So I recently changed up my room a little bit! I originally wanted to repaint and start fresh. My walls are an off white so they can match with most anything, therefore I chose to leave them as they are. I did however purchase new bedding! Before I had a white duvet comforter. Me and white are not a good mix! I couldn’t seem to do anything but get stuff on it. I loved it, but it was so hard to manage. I searched forever on Pinterest and any store it led me to. I ended up coming across Urban Outfitters. I had narrowed it down to two duvets and chose this tie dyed piece! It took no time to come in. I also ordered the matching pillow cases. Next, I have a grey sheet and two other pillows with grey pillow cases on them. The grey contrasts so well with the bedding! I always have pictures hanging up in my room. They were originally above my bed, but I wanted to do something different this time. They were first on my wall, however today I moved them into the corner where the droop off the wall. I bought a vinyl piece from Hobby Lobby and it is centered on my bathroom wall that you see as soon as you walk in. I didn’t know it would be so easy to put up or I would have purchased more! My favorite part of my room is where my windows are. I bought sheer curtains and a black rod from a Walmart. I also bought four boxes of inside lights from there as well. I originally saw this idea on YouTube and it was being used as a headboard, but I put a little spin to it. It was super easy to do! All you need are some clear wall hooks to hang the lights. I will attach the video that I drew inspiration from down below! So excited how everything is coming together and can’t wait to add more. 💗

Lights DIY:


Bubble Braid

Hello beauties! I’m so happy to say I’m getting better at braiding. After many tutorials, and pausing, and rewinding I’m starting to get the hang of things. These braids are so easy to recreate once you start the process. I have a video coming up up on my “bubble braid” on my Youtube channel so be sure to watch for it! If you have any questions or want tutorials leave comments! I love you guys, hey Roll Tide!  

Bubble Braid:

Items Needed- Elastics and Bobby Pins!

How To: Here is video that I learned from! 

💗 I will be uploading a video hopefully tomorrow that I have to edit. It’s so easy and fun! I’ve been doing this look nonstop and curling my hair with it! You can hve short hair or long hair it worked on mine perfectly! The more you pull on the braid when you finish the chunkier and the better! Take it and put your own spin on it! 💗