My Life Is Yours

I’ve been so inspired by SoulScripts that it motivated me to start up my own hashtag. #mylifeisyours I only want to radiate positivity. Even if I feel down in the dumps I don’t want to bring a negative affect to people. We have too much of that already. Saying that… I don’t want to it […]

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Where do you get your clothes? 9/10 every piece of clothing I have on will be from Forever 21! Though I’ve loved thrift shopping lately it’s becoming an addiction. What kind of makeup do you wear? My everyday makeup: Face– Moisturizer of the moment, Maybelline Face Studio primer, Covergirl Outlast All Day concealer, Covergirl Ready Set […]

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I would hope that I give good advice. I give it out a lot so if it’s not good then we could have a problem hahaha. It’s always easier to give advice than to take it. I know first hand. I’m as stubborn as they come. I’ve always heard sometimes people have to go through […]

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Should I Be Feeling This Way

Earlier I thought to myself “Should I be feeling this way?” That may not make sense at first but hear me out… As humans we go through hundreds of emotions, I definitely do. Though don’t let your body trick you. I’m the type of person who thinks about anything and everything. I even think things […]

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Bedroom Renovation

So I recently changed up my room a little bit! I originally wanted to repaint and start fresh. My walls are an off white so they can match with most anything, therefore I chose to leave them as they are. I did however purchase new bedding! Before I had a white duvet comforter. Me and […]

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Footloose Prom

Carbon Hill High School Senior Prom 2017. Prom night was the definition of a perfect night! I’m so thankful to add another memory to my senior year. From senior pep rally early in the morning with hundreds of tears, to crazy weather, to our street Dance, and then Waffle House. I couldn’t have asked for […]

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