I’ve never understood depression. I always see videos or posts of stories from people who have dealt and ovcercame depression. Recently within the past month I was hit with a taste. I never understood how a person could feel so low about themselves. I have a new respect for anyone dealing with depression. I hated myself. I hated everything. I felt emotionless. Now this was just a glimpse of what my life would continue to be like if I chose it. I choose to overcome. It’s so hard to fight your mind, but it’s something every person does. It’s hard not to give into thoughts. Thoughts that tell you, you aren’t good enough, you aren’t pretty enough, you aren’t small enough. You aren’t enough. I want to tell you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. It may sound cheesy, but someone out there needs to know that they are not alone. They are not crazy for their thoughts or actions. I encourage you to watch what you say and how you act towards people. Sometimes someone can feel so low the only need a little nudge to push them over the edge. Don’t be that nudge. Be the hand that pulls them back. I encourage you to seek wisdom in how to act in situations. Be a strong kind heart for not only you, but for someone else. Be happy. You can do this I know you can. We all need to see light. I love you all so much! Stay strong and happy early Friday M&M warriors.


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  1. Macey, depression isn’t prejudice! Anyone can face it but it takes strength to overcome it. I think that as we grow in the Lord that HE allows us to experience things and go through things not because He wants to test us or because He knows we can overcome, but to have compassion for others that struggle. It’s hard to minister and uplift those that are hurting if you’ve never felt that pain. Keep your head up and ALWAYS draw your strength from Him NEVER try to go it alone. Love you

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